Fiber@Home Limited


Fiber@Home offers you the robust infrastructure of Bangladesh with multiple redundant path and device level redundancy. We have a total of 7,788 km of Fiber Paths in different geographically diversified ways with redundant device, which makes our network reliable and standard one. We have total 4,211 km of own build network and 3,577 km shared network.
Following map shows different paths of Fiber Cable. We have Dhaka to Chittagong Fiber path owned by us and alternative path by PGCB. We also have a microwave lease in case of emergency as Dhaka-Chittagong is a priority path. We have own build fiber path from Dhaka to Bogra. And we have fiber cores swapped with BTCL running DWDM. From Bogra to Rangpur and Dinajpur we have ring of PGCB Fiber, which makes our Rangpur Division dependable. We have Bogra to Rajshahi redundant in Fiber Path with our own network and BTCL Path. We have STM-64 and DWDM devices on this part as well. From Rajshahi to Khulna and Benapole we have own build path, PGCB and BTCL Fiber paths. From Khulna to Barisal to Khustia we have PGCB online with BTCL as redundant. From Dhaka to Sylhet we have own built path and shared capacity with other operators.
Divisional headquarters and major district headquarters are covered in two different fiber paths with different CO/Hops (Sub-Offices) with redundant devices in our network. Our network is growing every month to make our clients have a satisfaction to our services. We have earned a faith from our clients by providing them reliable and uninterrupted services.

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